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About Carl Ludecke

For more than 35 years, Carl Ludecke has worked in contracting and home building in Central Florida, making key contributions to the industry through his business and in regional, state, and national housing associations. As a contractor and Vice President of Charlie Johnson Builder, a custom luxury home builder based in Mount Dora, Florida, Mr. Ludecke continues a family business that has built homes in the area since 1958. Along with his wife, an award-winning designer, and his daughter, also a licensed contractor, Carl Ludecke has helped grow the company. Charlie Johnson Builder provides clients with homes using solid craftsmanship techniques and modern design tools.

Under the leadership of Carl Ludecke and his family, Charlie Johnson Builder has won several awards and honors, including Florida’s Builder of the Year from the Florida Home Builders Association, and Builder of the Year for the Central Florida Mortgage Bankers Association, as well as designations of Favorite and Best Builder in Lake County. Because of their commitment to the concept of safe rooms, Kristin Beall from Charlie Johnson Builder has been featured on the Today show, the CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, and in The New York Times.

Since joining the contracting and home-building business in 1975, Carl Ludecke has served as a member or board director for several major housing committees in Florida. A member of the Lake County Affordable Housing Committee for eight years, he was also part of the Florida Home Builders Association Board of Directors, the National Association of Home Builders Board of Directors, and the National Association of Home Builders Affordable Housing Committee.

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